Kassidy: Putting Inner Conflict on Center Stage

Rock out to…
– Stray Cat
– One Man Army
– I Don’t Know
– Waking Up Sideways
– Oh My God
– The Traveler

Music today is entirely too processed. Its glossy and precise. The voices are often as modified by technology as the cover shots on magazines. These “fixes” are probably the most sacrilege in relation to rock music. Take a music form that is intended to be raw and bleeding with emotion and then strip it of its virility. That’s basically what’s happening. I’m sure the recording purists in the ground are rolling over in their graves.

When I found Kassidy, I breathed a little easier. Granted, one band will not change the world (unless we have a second coming of the Beatles…ARE YOU LISTENING UP THERE!?). Back to Kassidy – they are a welcome reprieve from dolled up rock. Their sound is gritty and soulful and may give you thoughts of southern rock or classics like Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Whatever you think of when you hear them, I am betting you’ll be enjoying yourself.

Give them a go and I think you’ll like what you find. Find out more at the Official Kassidy Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP