Caravan Palace: French Gypsies and Prohibition Swing

Today swing is near outcast from mainstream media. This is comical and ironic because during it’s birth and heyday, swing was also an outcast though for completely different reasons. Swing was considered devil music. All the young misfits and flappers listened to it. They congregated in secret back-alley establishments where you had to either be on a list or know someone or have memorized a secret handshake. Many of the most popular activities were available there and many of those activities were either illegal at the time or considered activities of people with poor moral fiber: boozing, gambling and dancing.

Listening to Caravan Palace will make you feel like you’ve ducked into a prohibition-era joint owned by French gypsies. This gypsy-tinged swing has all the old school elements and electric instrumentation alongside. While born from a sound born near 100 years old, their adaptation is fresh, lively and likely the kind of show that you won’t experience unless you figure out that little problem of time travel.

More about them at the Official Caravan Palace Website.

Off the box,
mike EP