Promoting music because it makes sense. See below for the equation that explains it.

Good Music + More Listeners = More People Listening to Good Music. Boom.

Jokes aside, I love music and want to just call out how finding music worthy of your life soundtrack can be exhausting. You know what I mean. The most universally available source of music is the radio and the radio, by and large, is horrible. Big media historically hits ‘play’ and ‘repeat’ on music that is aligned more with their investments than with listener appreciation. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the internet. Now I love the internet but in the ever expanding entity that is the internet, reaching option overload doesn’t take very long. So the path of least resistance is to take what’s given to us and just roll with it.

Me? I am unwilling to accept what big business tells us we should listen to. I’m also undaunted by the rabbit hole of options that the internet provides. Best of all? I love finding and sharing new music. Pretty much solely for the joy of turning good people onto better music for their lives.

Like any music jockey, I get better when I know how the music is hitting folks. As it stands, I’m all grins that you’ve stopped in and just hope you found something you liked. So please, tell me what you think and I’ll do my best to find more stuff that fits your fancy.

Don’t stop there though! Visit the artist sites, like their social media pages, purchase their music (via their website or bandcamp if you can), see them live, tell them what their music means to you! Make a musician’s day!


Since I didn’t really say anything ‘about me’, I’ll drop a few sentences to appease whoever really wanted to call me on that. I’m a 30-something who works as a project and people manager for a non-profit. I spend A LOT of time listening to music. I am also an amateur runner, rock-climber, mountain biker and prankster. I have two dogs and a gorgeous fiance (all of whom are awesome). I was raised in Texas and have lived here most of my life. I served in the Navy for four years on the USS Chicago and am damn proud of that time. I love spending time outdoors and am in the process of collecting a patch from all the national parks (though don’t expect to to finish that anytime in the near future).

Again – thanks for visiting!

Okay – off the box,
mike EP