the Skins: you see beautiful colors & all they see is grey

One of the things I have always loved about music is that there is a sound for every emotion you can feel. The musical detonation that the Skins create will knock you on… Continue reading

Ivy Levan: HOT DAMN

I judge people. Not professionally mind you but just for kicks. Those who model or aspire to have often received such judgement. Ivy Levan is a southern girl who grew up to be… Continue reading

Boxer Rebellion: Grand Skies and Great Heights

Sweeping, epic and beautiful. Those are the words I think of when taking in the new Boxer Rebellion album. I have heard Boxer Rebellion in the past. For unknown reasons, their sound never… Continue reading

Lake Street Dive: Easy on You

My plans to relocate from Austin to Kansas City has me sentimental about the things I will miss when I’m gone. Today’s feature, Lake Street Dive (LSD), is a band that would be… Continue reading

Shadowboxers: leaving with a piece of your heart

Soulful pop music. That’s how I can best describe the Shadowboxers. Their sound gives me the impression that they were strongly influenced by artists like Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers. Here’s a link… Continue reading

SjSb Soundtrack: May 2013

Hi all, Here is the May 2013 synopsis of SJSB in one playlist  (with my favs at the top and the more obscure tastes further down the rabbit hole). Enjoy! one change folks,… Continue reading

Carsie Blanton: Guilt by Association

Reading over some of the folks Carsie Blanton has run around the country with, I have concluded that she is suspect. I suspect she is a peach of a person and a decent… Continue reading

miles fisher: this must be the place

I can’t help but feel that one reason that synch pop is so infectiously successful in today’s audiosphere because of the music of the 80’s and it’s ongoing following to present day. Whatever… Continue reading

Hey Ocean! In Search of the Words

Young at Heart has been the title of many a mediocre movie (including the 1954 feature with Frank Sinatra & Doris Day). It’s also a term that fits the sound of Hey Ocean!… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Savoir Adore

Official Savoir Adore Website