Nabiha: how do you not trust a smile like that?

Countries the world over are doing what they can to build their own Hollywood. More oft than not, we can spot a US film in 60 seconds or less. Now music – that’s… Continue reading

BASECAMP: want it so bad

One listener called their sound one that straddles hip-hop and ambient. This stuff is very smooth. It reminds me of an intoxicant that goes down way way too smooth for it’s potency. I… Continue reading

cosmo sheldrake: any sound, any place. make music.

Hi all, I’ve been off the soapbox for a long spell. New job. New town. Wedding to happen in less than a month (non-shotgun). While busy and there’s more excuses, lets get past… Continue reading

Robert Vincent: Bleeding Out

Robert Vincent is a man who pours every bit of himself out. A gravelly soul, Vincent’s sound is a bit southern and a bit folksy. He’s also a helluva lot more than that.… Continue reading

atlas genius: think of the most harmless thing

Ah, the mind; playground for the fantastic, horrific and all those things in between. On the lighter side of horror, we’ve got imaginative concoctions like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man of Ghostbusters. When… Continue reading

robby hunter band: hard on me

Sometimes a track comes along a the perfect moment in your life. “Hard on me” by the Robby Hunter Band was just such a track. Over the weekend of the 4th of July,… Continue reading

brandi carlile: better man have hit their knees and bigger men have died trying to keep her quiet

The problem with digging around for music so avidly essentially keeps me living under a proverbial rock when some music hits the mainstream. One such artist is Brandi Carlile. First and foremost –… Continue reading

Cloud Boat: the end of your life

If there were a slow motion montage for the end of your life, Cloud Boat would a be well suited contender for the background music of such a dismal sequence. The sound of… Continue reading

Young Summer: Diving Into Waves

Young Summer feels like it sounds: optimistic, sunny and light. Okay, they’re not all puppy dogs & sunsets. Some of the tracks have a sadness factor that is up there with elliot smith… Continue reading

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps: Keep On Working It

Growing up in Austin, I listened to many many singers. One thing that I couldn’t help but wonder was “how the hell do you stand out from the throng of aspiring entertainers?” Regardless… Continue reading