Dessa: Everyone fears the fall. Everyone.

This wildly talented and tortured soul hails from the hail-ridden Twin Cities and rolls with the infamous Doomtree collaborative. I will undoubtedly feature every single member of the collaborative over some time (as… Continue reading

brooke waggoner: her own little red riding hood

Brooke Waggoner is one of those delightful little singer-songwriters who seems to get featured in TV shows but has somehow stayed under most folks radars. Some of you are thinking “well, it’s because… Continue reading

Alcoholic Faith Mission: getting screwed and asking for seconds

Two danes travel to Brooklyn where they the Apostolic Faith Mission and joke about the parallels of a fictitious Alcoholic Faith Mission. With that, we’ve got ourselves a band name. While these two… Continue reading

yellow ostrich: keeping the eccentric in alt rock

The creation of Wisconsin-raised Alex Schaaf, Yellow Ostrich is now based in New York (as of 2010) and on the move. They have a few releases under its belt. I won’t wager on… Continue reading

Uncle Lucius: anyone who loves Bill Hicks is a friend of mine.

Born and bred in Texas, Uncle Lucius is a southern band steeped in country and blues. Between touring (which they’re presently doing) and whatever other work they do, they collectively hang their hat… Continue reading

The O’Darlings: see how you’ve grown

The O’Darlings are a Canadian seven piece band with orchestral tendancies and a sound dubbed as indie alt-pop. Outside of saying they generally have soft and pleasant numbers, they do have some great… Continue reading

MONA: that feeling you get where the streets have no name

This track gives me the same kind of feeling I got when I first heard U2 and let’s not talk about how very long ago that was. Seriously though, remember that first experience.… Continue reading

The Lumineers: Gritty Folk with Heart worth the Hype

“Front porch folk.” That’s how this Denver trio’s sound is dubbed in their bio and I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate branding for their sound. Listen to whole debut album HERE! I highly… Continue reading

mc frontalot: be careful what you wish for

When I first heard this track, I got damn near the spot where I decide “SKIP!” – but then, the lyrics caught me. And I tell you, this man’s material may lack for… Continue reading

Campfire Ok: Strange Like We Are

Catchy and light, Campfire Ok is another up and comer from the pacific northwest. A five piece that could be classified as folk, indie rock or americana, the include a good variety of… Continue reading