Catey Shaw: Shut That Pretty Mouth

I love Catey Shaw. She is just too damned cute + peppy. While she’s a looker, I’m fawning on her sound. Fun, clever and a penchant for creating some of the catchiest hooks… Continue reading

royal blood: hardcore beatdown music

I absolutely love the current playlist naming constructs going around in places like Spotify and Songza. A playlist names “girl, hold my earrings” easily conveys and encapsulates exactly what you’re going to get… Continue reading

Sean Rowe: you are a surprise

Most folks don’t know Bill Callahan (or his band Smog). He’s one of those beautifully haunted artists that’s underappreciated and his catalog is tucked off the radar. When I first heard Sean Rowe,… Continue reading

fly high ’15 (new year playlist)

Hi music people, Here’s what’s buzzing in my head of late. Enjoy!   mike.ep  

2014 sdtk: my top 100 tracks

my 2014 listening habits made into a playlist for you by spotify. Enjoy & have a happy xmas people!

sunset sons: ain’t comin home

Remember when the Kings of Leon first hit the scene? I don’t. Their debut album fell flat for me. In 2004, with Aha Shake Heartbreak, I said “okay, they’re kind of badass.” The… Continue reading

Caleb Hawley: you just gotta use whatever you got

History repeating itself is not a new thing and there are many ways in which I wish history would just stay back where it came from. I’m thinking of jean shorts (jorts), bell… Continue reading

The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer: What a fine mess we’ve made

Bluesy rockers, prepare to meet your newest fling. Granted, with a name like ‘The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer’, you might want to more cautious in your courtship. I’d venture that when things… Continue reading

Playlist: MoMusicMovember

Hey all, Here’s what I’m digging on right now. off the box, mike ep

lil dicky: as a man

NSFW. That said – this is hilarious. It may help if you appreciate the humor of 13-year-old boys. Head over to the Official Lil Dicky Website if you want more of this silliness.