JR & PH7: a match made in sick, sick beats

No. I don’t believe it. I click play, listen these slick lyrics and sick beats and turn around only to be told the mad men behind the music are a pair of Europeans who hail from Cologne, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark respectively. I know the hip hoppers spitting the flow are not of the same ilk and can’t help but be curious at how this marriage between veteran U.S. rappers and budding European producers came about.

However JR & PH7 made that connection, I’m glad it came to be. The backdrop JR & PH7 set for their rapper counterparts is phenomenal. I can’t help but think they working with these two geniuses for them is like being a kid a candy store or maybe the better metaphor is like stealing candy from a baby. Maybe the latter but regardless, if you love hip hop or just smooth beats, you should give these guys some of your time.

Listen to all their material on the JR & PH7 Bandcamp page.

Here’s a link to the PJ & PH7 facebook page (so folks, they’ve no official website yet).

Off the box,

Mike EP