Caleb Hawley: you just gotta use whatever you got

History repeating itself is not a new thing and there are many ways in which I wish history would just stay back where it came from. I’m thinking of jean shorts (jorts), bell bottoms and emo. Or the dead (though without them we wouldn’t have that amazing AMC show we’re presently reveling in).

Rant aside, Soul is in it’s high tide of revival and U am so damn glad it’s making a come back. Mr. Caleb Hawley is part of that brave lot bringing it back. Looking at the fellow, you’d not assume he’s the pipes he does. He even went a little ways on American Idol as the interwebs tell me (as I am not a fan of the show personally). While I’m not wild about his current look, which does include a creepstashe, I think he’s someone you should check out if you love the soul of old, want to dip back into that fount and feel it’s soothing song wash all over.

Here’s a link to the Official Caleb Hawley Website if you’d like more.

Off the box,
mike EP