Melanie Martinez: Don’t Judge a doll by her house

I sure wish I had a bowl of alphabet soup at this moment because I am literally eating my words. If you try to talk to me about American Idol, the Voice or any other music-focused reality show, it will take more than a scosche of self-control to keep the sneer off my face or stop my eyes from rolling. Mostly my aim is to refrain from exiting the conversation without excuse or decorum. By now!

The day before I jotted this post down, I found myself listening to Melanie Martinez via one of my favorite mediums to find less known music (songza’s new music stations – so good). Then I found her on Spotify and played her track, then again, then again later. By the time I’d found myself reading up on her, it was too late. The hooks were in. Melanie first got noticed on the Voice. That said, you might know about her time on the show, covering songs well (I would assume as she made it to the 6th round from what I read). Post-15 minutes of fame, she decided to craft her own material. For my low-minded view about the music reality shows, I apologize (though will continue refraining from it’s goings on).

Dollface, her track bound to be a hit, is infectious and borders on the macabre. The kids eat that stuff up these days, so you might as well get cozy with the though of this number ringing around in your head.

She doesn’t have her own site yet, but I’m sure that’s just a matter of time. You can find her material on Songza and iTunes no doubt.

off the box,
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