Phil Beaudreau: Chase You Down (and you better get used to it)

Real Genius. I instantly thought of that movie when I heard the opening chords of Phil Beadreau’s ‘Won’t Get Away’. If the movie was shot today, Beaudreau’s album could easily fit the mold of the film; it’s hip though on the outskirts of what might be considered normal cool kid music, it’s a bit ethereal and you can shake your moneymaker or ponder life’s great mysteries (depending on what track you’re on).

For example:
Shake booty to ‘Won’t Get Away’
Ponder ‘Little Wild Fire’

Love the man? Head to the Official Phil Beaudreau Website for more.

If you’re digging him thus far, just start from track one (the prelude) and take in the whole LP (bottom-most soundcloud track).

off the box,
mike EP