robby hunter band: hard on me

Sometimes a track comes along a the perfect moment in your life. “Hard on me” by the Robby Hunter Band was just such a track.

Over the weekend of the 4th of July, I spent my mornings hiding behind shades and comfortably bathing in the summer sun and the buzz of lemon-sweetened shandies. The aforementioned track is definitely the most catchy of the few songs that have been released thus far BUT if you like one track you’ll likely like all of them. They’re fun, light and infectious. If you had a 4th that was lackluster, consider this your consolation prize and have yourself a shandy. When you do, think of me!

Here’s a link to the Official Robby Hunter Band Website (which, at this very moment, does not appear to be functioning). Go the Robby Hunter Band Facebook page if you can’t get in the front door.

Off the box,
Mike EP