brandi carlile: better man have hit their knees and bigger men have died trying to keep her quiet

The problem with digging around for music so avidly essentially keeps me living under a proverbial rock when some music hits the mainstream. One such artist is Brandi Carlile.

First and foremost – how come I haven’t heard about her from any of you? She’s been laying down her gritty tracks accompanied by her powerfully soulful (and sometimes tortured) voice.

The only reason I finally found her was because my chum Lizzie and I were talking about the shows coming to Kansas City. Lizzie, who doesn’t take in a lot of music said “I’d see her.” I crawled out from under my rock, gave it a listen and said my equivalent of “good god damn & hallelujah”. Salvation is upon me and it’s coming to town in less than two weeks time.

Here is a link to the Official Brandi Carlile Website if you want to find more on this young lady.

Amen & off the box,
mike EP

This song I did realize I’d heard, along with 10+ million other people.