Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps: Keep On Working It

Growing up in Austin, I listened to many many singers. One thing that I couldn’t help but wonder was “how the hell do you stand out from the throng of aspiring entertainers?”

Regardless of how daunting that journey is to budding musicians, they keep on keepin on and some of them do move to the forefront.

I don’t know if Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps will break through the noise but I DO KNOW they should.

The lyrics & voice of this delightful young lady are treasures to the senses. While her voice itself is beautiful, it is a unique instrument to itself.

Much of their sound is of lighter tones, with some tracks behaving much like the ebb & flow of the ocean.

If you like your singer-songwriters and unique voices, you should give this act a try.

Here’s a link to the Official Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps Website.

off the box,
mike EP

Beatles Lovers! Check out Smith’s cover of Cry Baby Cry. Girlie NAILS it.

This last video is pretty interesting. A product of Pioneer Public TV, it features Caroline Smith and takes her through a journey through her early life & hometown.

caroline smith