Carsie Blanton: Guilt by Association

Reading over some of the folks Carsie Blanton has run around the country with, I have concluded that she is suspect. I suspect she is a peach of a person and a decent musician. Yes, that was a bit cheesy. It was also quite genuine.

And, turns out those things are true and then some. The associations include the Weepies, Shawn Colvin and Paul Simon. As to the ‘and then some’, I’m speaking to her clever lyrics and strong woman’s demeanor. Tracks ‘Buoy’, ‘Money in the Bank’ and ‘Baby Can Dance’ are especially cute and clever.

That she took up and has been influenced by swing music is fairly clear by much of the instrumental accompaniment to her tracks.

Here’s a link to the Official Carsie Blanton Website.

off the box,
mike EP

If you love swing dancing, you’ll love this video. It’s a collection of performances of people strutting their stuff.

carsie blanton2