Hey Ocean! In Search of the Words

Young at Heart has been the title of many a mediocre movie (including the 1954 feature with Frank Sinatra & Doris Day). It’s also a term that fits the sound of Hey Ocean! perfectly.

Most tracks feature Ashleigh Ball on lead vocals. Like most bands not yet on the big stage, they still have day jobs. Fortunately for Hey Ocean!, Ashleigh’s has gotten the band additional attention. Get this, she’s a voice actor. Most notably, for her work on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (see the last video attached to this entry for a sampling).

I doubt the band has attempted to align their sound with the tra-la-la happiness that is found in show’s like My Little Pony, though it is oddly similar feeling.

Really though, who cares! If you like happy music and young at heart (that’s right, I said it again!), you should enjoy Hey Ocean!

Here’s a link to the Official Hey Ocean! Website.

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