Da Vinci’s Notebook: This Big

Disclaimer: While silly, this song is all about low brow humor. Da Vinci’s Notebook is, er, was rather, a comedic acappella act that had one enormous hit.

If you’re wondering WHY there is picture of Trogdor the Burninator as the feature picture, don’t worry. We’ll get there.

I know, I know. You’ve never heard of them. ‘Big Hits’ are a matter of perspective. I mean, how many acappella bands do you know about? Maybe Pentatonix, as they’ve shown up on one of the multitude of ridiculous ‘reality’ music shows. I genuinely like Pentatonix but detest the reality show programs as a general rule. If you’re a Ben Folds fan, you may have heard the album he put together featuring University a cappella groups performing Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five tracks.

If you like crass humor that’s not overtly offensive, then you’ll likely appreciate this song. That or if you’re a teenage boy (in body or mind).

Off the box,
mike EP

p.s. to be fair, I included a cappella tracks off the Ben Folds album and Pentatonix.


UPDATE – Thanks to a contribution by an old friend, Mark Raup, I’ve added another video. The video is a GEM. It’s a Homestarrunner video featuring Da Vinci’s Notebook. For such a great find, I’m changing the picture in honor of sharing his first time with the feature band.