Elizabeth & the Catapult: Perfectly Perfect (Until Not)

Cloudy days can really sap the pep in your step. To sidestep those pesky shadowers, I’m listening to Elizabeth and the Catapult. ‘Race You’ and ‘You and Me’ are those kind of la-la-la happy day songs that cause optimists to greet strangers as they skip down the street.

Not all their tracks are uppers. ‘Go Away My Lover’ is, well, you can probably figure that one by the title alone. ‘Momma’s Boy’ is an open letter to a boy who needs a mother and our dear singer has decided that she’s not the woman for the job. It’s comical but one I think many ladies can identify with.

The only sad thing I have to say is that it has been a spell since she put out anything new. Maybe there’s something in the works, eh? If not, at least we’ve these gems to appreciate!

Here’s a link to the Official Elizabeth and the Catapult Website.

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