C2C: a tsunami of sound

You ever have one of those days where your eyes glaze over and all the colors of the world have been swapped out for shades of grays? On such days, when you’re fighting that dull-eyed stare of the dairy cow, I recommend a little C2C.

No, that’s not a drug. In a manner of speaking, it might be but it’s not one you can take and it’s not one that is illegal but their fans argue that the music of these four Frenchmen is like a drug.

C2C (aka Coups2Cross) is excellent music to work out to, do chores or simply zone the hell out. I would bet their concerts wash over you like a tsunami of sound and sweat-drenched turntable worshipers. I mean, if you got to go and all, I can imagine much less awesome ways.

Here’s a link to the Official C2C Website.

Oh – and the last video is a C2C remix of one of my new favorites, Bernhoft! Here’s a link to the SJSB Bernhoft feature.

Off the box,
mike EP