Sean Hayes: Powerful Stuff

Sean Hayes is a sleeper artist. I mean that in the sense that his music is unique, catchy and endearing but most of us have never heard of him. Just two weeks ago, I was counted in the I’ve-never-heard-of-this-guy group.

And folks, when I say we missed the boat, it’s been a long, long time. Hayes began recording in ’99. Granted, when it comes to singer-songwriters, there seems to be more of them than fish in the sea (and a lot of them are bad). Yes, I agree, there are tons and a lot sound the same.

Give Hayes’ Run Wolves Run a, well, run through. On my first round with the album, I listened to each track without the urge to skip once. After I finished it, I smiled to myself and thought “he’s pretty damn good.” I then went back to track one and listened to the album again. Below are a few tracks to try on.

Here’s a link to the Official Sean Hayes Website for more!

Off the box,
mike EP

p.s. Thanks Matty Wright for inadvertantly turning me onto today’s feature artist.


photo by Kris Krug