Miracles of Modern Science: Serious Instruments, Silly People

I was a band nerd. My love of horns came to me in my high school 7th period Jazz Band class. After this class, the top-notch orchestra kids had their class. I would sometimes linger to listen. Jazz kids and orchestra kids had one of those classic love/hate relationships. We gave each other a hard time but appreciated the time, energy and passion the other dedicated to their instruments. The practice of which was part and parcel in committing high school social suicide.

I’ve grown past the adolescent rivalry and am now grown child who loves to hear classical strings in most any capacity. That brings us to the Miracles of Modern Science.

The band is marriage of indie rock and orchestra strings. They are damn good too. A bit quirky, yes, but damn good.

Their first album (dog years) caught my attention. Their sophomore album (meems), which arrived this year, has held that attention.

If you love your indie rock and want something that sounds different from your standard three chord tracks, try this on for size.

Here’s a link to the Official Miracles of Modern Science Website.

Off the box,
mike EP

p.s. the first two videos at the bottom are both covers.
1st – Fine Young Cannibals’ She Drives Me Crazy
2nd – Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. I LOVE that they did this. Normally, I don’t favor covers done in a similar way as the original. The reason I dig this one is that strings are featured prominently in the original but you damn well know that Jepsen’s band doesn’t include orchestra people (unless they’re playing this song). I also appreciated how the performance degrades into what the original really is at the very end, a silly silly song (with lyrics that make absolutely NO sense!).