DAY 3: My SXSW 2013 in $100 dollars (4 days, 44 bands)

Friday, March 15th

Starting Cash: $33

To quote the immortal line of Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, I’m getting too old for this shit.

Having slept in for the first time this SXSW, I woke refreshed and much later than intended. Yes, yes, I missed the KGSR morning show @ the W (which I’d attended the previous two mornings and required arrival and a spot in line by 5:30am to guarantee a good seat). The line-up for Friday morning was not part of the day’s menu that was interested in.

I enjoyed a leisurely morning and planned to make it downtown by 2:00pm.

Around 1pm, I did the routine supplies check (schedule, wallet, yada, yada – see Day One if you want a complete listing of my festival survival materials). Coffee was still had, I just did so much earlier than departure.

At 2pm, I grabbed the bike and headed to the Warehouse district for Cedar Street bar, which is actually in the middle of 4th street. If I did a little digging, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that 4th street was once called Cedar Street. I’m an avid lover of history, but naming your bar a street that it isn’t presently located on is just plain confusing and I, for one, disapprove.

While I’m on the soapbox on the matter, I’d also like to say to Filter that I’m disappointed. As with past years, Filter advertised they’d be providing free drinks & BBQ. In past years, they delivered on that promise. This year, free food and drinks did NOT make an appearance. Yes, the show was free and yes, my SXSW wouldn’t be what it is without shows like these. I’m completely happy to attend free shows that don’t have free drinks or food. I do it all the time. The issue I take is that Filter said it’d be there and it wasn’t. Alls I ask is that what’s advertised is the reality. Ahem – where was I? Oh yeah, my first shows of Friday.

Who I saw?
1:40 pm – St. Lucia @ Cedar Street
2:30 pm – MS MR @ Cedar Street
3:20 pm – Wild Belle @ Cedar Street

Game of Thrones fans, if you haven’t realized it yet, the official trailer for GoT Season three features a song by MSMR. That song is Bones. See!

A pair of good friends joined me @ Cedar Street, my dear buddy Ludlow and my sister!

After I’d parted with $6 bucks for one tallboy and the shows we’d seen, we bounced. $5 for a tallboy was outrageous and we were all thirsty. Ludlow purchased a six-pack and we enjoyed our libations en route to our next destination. I’d like to remind readers that Austin is not open-container friendly and it’s the sort of thing is likely to earn you a ticket, if not worse. I encourage discretion.

Our next stop was Guero’s on South Congress. The open air venue is really more of a vacant lot with a fence, some nice trees, a smallish stage and a bar. We had great weather and got a table right next to the stage.

Who we saw?
5:00 pm – Bernhoft @ Guero’s
6:00 pm – Lucy Rose @ Guero’s

Bernhoft. Was. Amazing. I have seen some great one-man shows and this man is in my top 3. Shakey Graves, Tallest Man on Earth and Bernhoft. He has a great personality and instrumental skills. He is using a looping device, a pair of guitars and a ukulele that sounds like a bass.

“That’s no ukulele, it’s a ukulele with a boner,” my bud Rusty.

In his introduction, Bernhoft told us he was going to play some indie rock. What a liar! Okay, maybe they call it something else where he’s from. Here though, what he was doing was playing some serious soul music. Hell, he could take on Detroit with the kind of soul he bangs out. Oh, one more thing, he’s got a wife-in-waiting Stateside if he wants one. My friend Sara Moore dedicated her love to him at our table and said she’d marry him. She said, “All he has to do is sing for me.” Watch out Rusty!

While I saw no more shows that evening, some people I’d met the previous day with my sister helped me gain her entry to Rachael Ray’s exclusive party. We were up late drinking and eating corn dogs. I tipped the bartenders $10 for our drinks that evening

At 11pm or so, I got on my bike to head home. The rest, I didn’t recall. But hey, I woke up the next day with nothing lost and in my own bed. Can’t beat that with a stick!

The shows I really loved was:

Cash left: $17

Off the box,
mike EP

p.s. the last track on the spotify playlist is a joke. I didn’t SEE blur. The song is on there as a joke, as my last hour or so of the night was something of a blur.