DAY 2: My SXSW 2013 in $100 dollars (4 days, 44 bands)

Thursday, March 14th

Starting Cash: $65

I rose again at 4:45am. I was a bit sore and less spry than the day before, but so it goes.

I did the routine supplies check before departing (schedule, wallet, etc, etc – see Day One if you want a complete listing of my festival survival materials) and coffee brewing. I grabbed the bike and headed again to the W.

I got there slightly earlier that morning but the line was nearly double the length. This was expected. The line-up for the day was, in my opinion, the best of the four-day showcase. My pal Dubs arrived there 30 minutes before me, was way ahead in line and had made great friends of her neighbors. She’d also already briefed them as to my imminent arrival and they gave her the okay for my joining their group.

Once at the KGSR donation counter, I opened my wallet and parted with $10 dollars to gain entry for both Dubs and I. While I turned her onto the show, she got us a good spot in line (so I felt I owed my friend her entry fee). She got us a pair of seats in the rear of the room while I got a refill of coffee and 4 coffee cones (dubs didn’t want hers so I got extras).

Who I saw?
6:00 am – Delta Rae @ the W
6:30 am : Nakia @ the W
7:00 am – Ivan & Alyosha @ the W
7:30 am – Alpha Rev @ the W
8:00 am – ZZ Ward @ the W
8:30 am – Josh Ritter @ the W
9:00 am – Fitz & the Tantrums @ the W
9:30 am – Michael Kiwanuka @ the W

I will say it again, but Josh Ritter put on an AMAZING show. Only having heard a few of his tracks before, I didn’t know what to expect. With no expectations, I was blown away. I’ve never seen an an artists who more obviously loves doing what they do. He smiles the entire time he sings and the sincerity of his mood is unmistakable. Aside from his infectious mood, he’s a lyrical genius. I literally could not keep up and was wishing I had better shorthand to allow me to capture more of his lines. Some favorites include:

“I drink what they pour me,
with cups of who cares” from Joy to You Baby

“I feel like a miser, I feel old and mean,
for accusing you of stealing, what I offered you for free.
but it beggars the belief, sometimes what thieves we lovers be” from A New Lover

Hearing him talk alone was captivating. In attempting to describe the birth of his new daughter, he apologized for being from a ‘generation of declining vocabulary’ and said the the experience has been “completely phenomenal.” His newest album is his first that’s autobiographical, noting that his previous works have been written while sitting alone in a room and giggling. I decided that I’d have to devote more time to Mr. Ritter’s work after that show.

Dubs and I headed over to the Belmont next. Once inside, we got drinks. She got the first round and me the 2nd and parted with $12 bucks in the process

12:00 pm – the Wild Feathers @ the Belmont

The blend of classic and southern rock they deliver is ass kickin’ and hard hitting. While based in Nashville, these boys hail from Tennessee and Texas.

“Hard times, like a freight train
coming down the line.”

1:00 pm – Delta Rae @ the Belmont

1:30 pm – Lianne La Havas @ the Belmont

If Lianne had walked out of a bedroom for morning coffee, she could just as easily be attired as she is at present. She performed in an oversized t-shirt, hair band, some hella heels and that is all (so it seemed). While less than dressed, she came more than prepared. She KILLED her performance.

Next up was the Stage. There i saw…
2:25 pm – Phox @ the Stage
3:00 pm – Pickwick @ the Stage
4:00 pm – Josh Rouse @ the Stage
5:00 pm – Josh Ritter @ the Stage

Drinks were free here earlier in the day, but not so by the time I arrived. While I did have to pay for one round of drinks costing $10 , I did get to spend time with two people very dear to me:
Mr. Henry Hobbs, ultra-marathoner and music aficionado and
Sonia (my baby sister)

I headed home early, as I had some responsibilities to attend to and took stock of the day.

The shows I really loved were:
Alpha Rev
ZZ Ward
Josh Ritter
Michael Kiwanuka
Wild Feathers
Delta Rae
Lianne La Havas
Josh Ritter (again!)

Cash left: $33

Cakes Yard