Work Out / Exercise / Gym Mixes

Exercising and need some new tunes to put more pep in your step?

Here are the SJSB hand-made playlists you should add to your work out routine. A great mix makes for a better and harder work out. I’ll be periodically updating them. The titles are a little silly, but they should convey the theme of the mix easily enough.

Off the box!

OMG mix = Exercise + Pop

Neon mix = Exercise + Electronic

Werk Dat Booty Mix = Exercise + Hip Hop

KABOOM mix = Exercise + Rock

Funk it Up mix = Exercise + (Funk + R&B + Soul)

Hootinanny Mix = Exercise + Americana

Converse Mix = Exercise + Indie

Unintelligible Mix = Exercise + Fun Noise

love your life mix = Exercise + Optimism

Smorgasbord Mix = Exercise + Everything