Theresa Andersson: Puts the Voodoo on All’a Ya’ll

theresa anderssonYou can call an artist that uses a looping device many things: short on band mates, frugal, efficient, coordinated, etc. One other thing, I tend to believe that most using such devices are limited in the kind of sound and show they can deliver.

I cannot say that of the omni-talented Theresa Andersson of Sweden (currently in Shreveport, Louisiana). Her sound is parts Alt-Pop, Jazz and Folk. I like to imagine she was the kind of child that financially strapped parents would have been very, very frustrated by due to her desire to pick up and play EVERY LAST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. If you appreciate a one man show that actually sounds like 10 men, you’ll get a kick out of this. And excuse me, it’s not a one man show, it’s a one woman show.

I LOVE this lady and can’t wait for a chance to see her live. Here’s a link to the Official Theresa Andersson Website.

What’s this now? She’s playing on April 19th? Who’s with me! ROADTRIP!!!

Off the box,
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