Thao and The Get Down Stay Down: Everyone Gets to Play Icarus (at least once)

Infatuation happens. More often than not, its onset inevitably results in a less than desirable outcome. We see. We want. We grasp. We fall. Yep, you, me, everyone, we all get to play Icarus.

I have complete trust that Thao Nguyen, of Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, played that role with all the vigor and hope that our favorite short-lived-flying Greek did. I’m happy she did. I neither know her personally nor do I randomly wish unhappiness to befall anyone. I’m happy because she turned that crap experience (or experiences) into such pleasing tunes.

The songs are dance-worthy, clever and bittersweet.

Here’s a link to the Official Thao and The Get Down Stay Down Website for more!

Off the box,
mike EP

p.s. Thao’s new album, We the Common, has just been released! WOOHOO!!

thao and that chick from glee