Delta Rae: All Churched Up

First, I must apologize. I’ve been on hiatus from my favorite of hobbies, that being sharing with all you good folks what’s been peaking my interest in the music world. I think I O.D.’d on music during SXSW and needed a breather.

I promise that I’ll be posting on my SXSW experience in the near future (so as to not be too horribly late in reporting on the festivities).

Back to it then, Delta Rae it is. I’ll admit, this might actually be one of the bigger names I’ve covered in a while. Delta Rae has some pretty big backers, Warner sound chiefly among them. I don’t typically condone touting a band who’s already got such support but in the case of this band of siblings and a few friends, I will make an exception. Reason numero uno: Delta Rae is stupid talented and puts on an amazing performance.

Personally, I could do without the makeovers and manicuring (take a look at the first video compared to the other ones).

Give this feel-good, mostly family band a chance. I think you’ll dig it. And try not to hold it against Delta Rae that the majority of the group is pale enough to look like extras in a Twilight movie.

Here’s a link to the Official Delta Rae Website.

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