JMSN: Love & Pain

In his way, JMSN is an american artist somewhat akin to Canada’s City & Colour.

1st, they’re both actually just one person. City & Colour is the pseudonym for Dallas Green (whom of which I’ve always appreciated that he didn’t feel comfortable going public as an artist with his actual born name…though it may also be due to the fact that another Dallas Green gained fame in Major League Baseball for the Phillies, Giants and Mets). JMSN is a pseudonym for Detroit’s Christian Berishaj.

2nd, both these boys are avid ink-lovers. Our man in Canada is covered everywhere but his face it seems. Detroit, while having no sleeves or throat tats, has 3/4 of his chest covered.

3rd, you would NEVER guess the kind of music these guys make by looking at them.
Personally, this is how I’d peg them:
Green is either heavy into the punk or metal scene and
Berishaj is a choir boy with a bad boy side, either literally in a choir or a cock rock band something in the neighborhood of Creed.

In reality:
Green delivers some ofthe most heartbreakingly beautiful ballads I’ve ever heard and
Berishaj is an R&B singer & instrumental maestro with some crazy electronic production skills.

Give the first few tracks a listen. If you dig, the 3rd soundcloud track is his entire debut LP titled ‘Pricilla’.

Want more? Get more at the Official JMSN Website.

Off the box,
mike EP