Phox: a cornucopia of sound and emotion

This is quite possibly the most under-appreciated band I’ve heard in some time. 2,300 Facebook Likes and 236 twitter followers? A shame. A god damn shame I say!

The music that Phox creates is a cornucopia of sound and emotion. They’ve got the beautifully sad. They’ve got the whimsically delightful. They’ve got the foreboding doom-ridden. No, I won’t say they have it all, because they don’t have sickly sweet pop or baited hooks of mega-tracks. But I for one am very glad of that. They don’t give two shits about conforming into any cookie-cutter format. For that, I love them. And you should too.

I basically love the whole album, even the cute little outtakes between the songs.

BUT, if you’ve neither the time nor inclination to enjoy the whole LP, I recommend the following tracks in this order:
Nineteen thirty-six
Engine Runner
Clubs & Spades

Here’s a link to the Official Phox Website.

Off the box,
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