darwin deez: bad day

If Prince had a little brother, he would probably look & act like Darwin Deez. Wait. Does Prince have a little brother? Regardless, Darwin Deez is what you might imagine: stylish in a quirky way, an artist in his own right and a tongue with wit (though a biting one at times).

My favorite song of his is the rainy day-wishing ‘Bad Day’. If you have a bit of black humor in your veins or are generally wishing hell upon someone, they this may give you a grin. Below are some other works of his. Oh – and, as always, here’s a link to the Official Darwin Deez Website.

Off the box,
mike EP

p.s. Prince does not have a little brother but does have a little sister. Oh – and also, Prince is his real name: born Prince Rogers Nelson.

darwin deez