The Joy Formidable: A Whirring and Austere Cradle of Awesome Noise

If you listen to the rock station in your area, you may have heard of the Joy Formidable. If you have not, I feel sorry for you. With pop music stations getting the lion’s share of the listeners these days, it is common for there to be multiple pop stations per region. And the one rock station does not necessarily play what I would call passable rock music. Even worse, many of those big name rock bands really really suck live.

For all of these reasons and more, it is imperative that you rock out to the Joy Formidable. Their music is hard driving, well orchestrated and has one mean little front woman. Not since the days of Joan Jett and Pat Benatar have we really seen female rockers hold the world stage for very long. Whether or not they make it in the larger theater is anyone’s guess, but if you listen to them I almost guarantee it will make a lasting impression in yours.

Here is a link to the Official Joy Formidable Website.

Oh – and if you’ll be at SXSW 2013, you should definitely catch them. Their live shows are amazing!

Off the box,
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