Shakey Graves: The Acolytes of Dylan

It surprises me that while I have never been a fan of Dylan, some of my favorite musicians are die-hard Dylan fans. The Tallest Man on Earth (TMOE) is not only a huge Dylan fan, some argue that he is a copycat. If you’ve ever seen him, you’ll know that’s not the case. And funny fella that he is, he’s even covered a few Dylan songs and completely owns that the iconic old rolling stone has had a profound influence on him.

Shakey Graves is another Dylan fan. While sounding nothing like the Dylan, he and TMOE have one thing in common, both are show-stopping one-man bands.

I had the fortune to see Shakey at his January residence at the Parish (Austin, TX). And gawd damn! That boy can play!

If you get a chance to check him, I strongly encourage it. Check out some of the videos to get a taste.

Go to the Official Shakey Graves Bandcamp page for more music. At present, his full length album is available at the price you name!

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