Kiev: Nevermind the Other

There are times when two different entities invented the same thing at nearly the same time in history without one knowing anything of the other. The duplication was doubtlessly unintentional but nonetheless frustrating for both “creators”. When I first heard Kiev, I thought “Unless these guys have lived under a rock, they’re blatantly ripping off Radiohead…or maybe they’re from Kiev.”

Then I listened more. Anytime something throws you off, first instinct is to give the anomaly a better once over. To my relief, and I’m sure Kiev’s stardom prospects, they just have some similarities to the megastar sound that is Radiohead, at least some Radiohead. I swear, if humans evolved as quickly as Radiohead’s sound, we’d probably have wings, be immune to radiation and be able to read minds. Yes, that’s right, I said it, we’d be superheros. Somehow I feel like I’ve gone on quite the tangent. Hmmm…back to the music!

Kiev’s got a chill indie rock sound that is great for daydreaming or introspection or some other creative outlet. Here’s a link to the Official Kiev Website. Enjoy!

Off the box,
mike EP

kiev in studio