Satchel Grande: Somewhere in Middle America

When I think of Omaha, I think of….uh…..I got nothing. Seriously, I have absolutely nothing. Well, actually, Nebraska is the name of the fictitious child that Kimbra would have in her track ‘Settle Down.’ That connection is a bit of a stretch. Closer to the mark is the Counting Crows song titled ‘Omaha’ but it really wasn’t one of their better ones nor did it make me think much of Omaha. But that’s it and that’s not much.

So, I’m happy to announce that I NOW have something solid to think of when I think of Omaha. Satchel Grande, aka the Omaha 9, is a funk and soul nine-piece that further disproves the notion that the soul lives alone in the inner cities. Granted, these Midwesterners are not the reincarnation of KC and the Sunshine Band, but they pump out some lively and dance-worthy tracks. Plus they’ve a pair of sax players (Or at least stare in wonder for a few minutes)! How do you not love that?

Get more at the official Satchel Grande website and be sure to check them when they come to Austin for SXSW 2013!

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