The weepies: Gotta Have You

Being sick sucks. Having a loved one sick sucks too but, for me at least, there’s a silver lining to it; I truly love taking care of those people I care about. The person I am going to take care of today, I especially like taking care of. I’m sure there’s a number of reasons why, but one reason among the many that she staunchly (and often) declares that she needs no one to take care of her and detests recognizing those rare situations when she does.

It’s the idea of being her caretaker that has me in a super sappy mood, resulting, at this moment, in me listening to super sappy music.

The Weepies are all the sweetness of smitten and none of the saccharin of sugary pop.

Also – GO TO THE OFFICIAL WEEPIES WEBSITE. It has an interactive snowglobe that makes me actually like christmas a wee bit.

Off the box (and onto my nursemaid duties),
mike ep