state of the artist: go with who you know

One of these days, I’m going to have to look up which rap album has had the most featured artist. If there isn’t one yet, there really should be a Guinness record for it. Now by no means am I making fun of all the musical cameos, because it really is one of the most ingenious ways to network and get your name or out there. Collaborating literally multiplies your network.

Following suit is this hot Seattle band, State of the Artist. On their 2010 LP SEACAL, the had a slew of big local names. A few that I really liked seeing were:
Champagne Champagne
Fresh Espresso

While I don’t think they are breaking any barriers with their sound, they have solid beats and samples. Where they really kill me is with there lyrics though; some of their one liners are just freakin awesome. Hope you guys enjoy!

Get more at the Official State of the Artist Bandcamp page.

Off the box,
Mike ep

state of the artist