The Dear Hunter: a lengthy tale of a brief life

I know that the concept of a single storyline running throughout an album is not a new one. My first and personal favorite is the Mars Volta’s ‘De-loused in the Comatorium”. A close second though having a much more ambitious project was Casey Crescenzo 2006 side project called ‘The Dear Hunter’.

He decided he would make a single storyline run consistently through SIX albums. Nuts I say though I have to say it did pique my interest. Considering most of us are not willing to dedicate the time to listen to six albums by one artist, I’d recommend, at minimum, the second album and the first is pretty sweet as well.

You get all the crests and falls of a good story and some pretty wild variation in track composition. If you dig opera (at least conceptually) and/or progressive rock, I think you’ll like what you find.

Here’s ye old link to the Official Dear Hunter Website.

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dear hunter