my education: just say yes

Requiem for a Dream did a number of things that I felt hadn’t been done effectively in years. It found a way to tie classical music into a contemporary film beautifully. It delivered the anti-drug message that D.A.R.E. never could. It gave audiences a graphic sexual scene that I actually turned men off (at least the normal men that is).

I’m going to go ahead and focus on the first of those three. My Education puts out a sound that is just as stirring and bittersweet as the score of the aforementioned film. Coming from me, a person who rarely listens to and enjoys instrumental music, it’s high praise that this is worthy of a listen. Of the 150+ entries I’ve posted to this point, only five have been true instrumental artists. If you like this stuff, you may want to check out the artists featured in the Instrumental Category.

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