the white buffalo: kicking ass, taking names and killing dreams (from time to time)

At one point I’m in my life, I maintained a playlist titled “suicide hotline hold music”. Having more streaks of sarcasm and black humor than a zebra does stripes, the music on the playlist was horribly depressing.

You can imagine some of the stuff that might have been on there.
The Cure
Damien Rice
Fiona Apple
William Fitzsimmons
Simon & Garfunkel
Country music

There was also a lot of singer songwriter material. Generally the lot are a bunch of sad bastards. Upon finding the White Buffalo, my mind was not blown to hear this singer-songwriter perform some emotionally raw music. He’s got a song about missing someone (love song #2), a song about looking at the ideal right along next to the shattering reality (wish it was true) and a song about weighing your options (one lone night). And honestly, I loved the stuff. I mean, seriously, the genre is alive and kicking for a reason. Yeah, it can be a hell of a downer, but if you’re in hell, well, misery loves company and they will give you it by the crate.

I will say, the one surprise I got from this young man was the track ‘the pilot’. It’s a pretty kick ass track. Fast paced and daydreaming about some adrenaline filled occupations. I especially appreciated his bit on wanting to be an outlaw, “kicking ass and taking names…time to time killing dreams.” Okay White Buffalo. Way to force me to think of singer-songwriters as something other than the weak-wilt and broken mistrals of my heart.

Get more at the Official White Buffalo Website.

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