Emma Louise: Music on your mind

As off the deep end as Tom Cruise has gone, he will always retain special status in my mind for his contributions to the amazing films of the 80’s. One that almost all teenage boys of my generation will revere is Risky Business. I mean, who doesn’t know the button-up, underwear and socks outfit scene with Bob Seger in the background. While not as well established in pop culture, the train scene is one of my most well remembered. Play…..pause, rewind, play….pause, rewind.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so, while I’m certain that the feature song during the 1st part of that scene might be the all-time, best use of the Phil Collins song ‘In the air tonight’, I heard a song today that seemed to fit pretty well in its place: Emma Louis’ “Jungle.” A sexy track that steadily builds, I appreciated that this singer-songwriter has more tricks up her sleeve. Most singer-songwriters seem to be one trick ponies that only pull the my-songs-are-sad-because-love-hurts approach.

Get more on this young miss at the Official Emma Louise Facebook Page.

Off the box,
Mike EP