David Ramirez: nowhere to go and no reason to stay

Tourist attractions have always been the bane of my existence. Maybe it’s because I grew up loving the “people who hate people” bit by Bill Hicks just a little too much, but as it stands, I avoid touristy activities like a zombie outbreak. I avoid them until someone wants to visit and then, well, you kind of HAVE to do the tourist crap.

With next year’s SXSW, I began to comb through all the talent coming from around the globe to my musically saturated town and was quite surprised and pleased to learn that one of my favorites being featured is a damned local. A LOCAL! Hot damn.

The blue-jeaned and scruffy David Ramirez feels a bit like Denver’s Nathaniel Rateliff but is very much is own artist. If you love black-and-blued singer-songwriters, I’d highly recommend this fella.

Find out more about the man and his music at the Official David Ramirez Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP