Paper Route: Better Life

Ever watched Fraggle Rock? While the Fraggles themselves are small, there are even smaller inhabitants in the show. They were called Doozers, if I recall correctly, and their sole purpose seemed to be building bridges. I think the reason they were always building bridges was because the Fraggles were always eating the bridges. Doozers would build a bridge and then the Fraggles eat it. Repeat process times infinity.

The reason I’m rambling about Fraggles is because these little builders came to mind when I was listening to this track.

In the song, we hear about bridges being burnt, bridge is being rebuilt and reminiscing on the past. In its way, it’s a song about the lessons of life or what lessons you should learn in life. Bridges DO burn, best intentions aside. Rebuilding is essential. Get busy living or get busy dying, right Red? And then there is that amazing and horrible thing that is your memory. While it is the most crippling storage device known to any single person, it can also be the source of a lot of self-education. We should all be so wise as to learn from our mistakes and do better the next time around. So listen and think on that.

Today I’m thankful for what I have. Tomorrow I will get back to the blueprints and hammers.

Off the box,
mike EP