Paper Bird: train cars, bare feet and other reasons to smile

I’ve had three strong Paper Bird experiences that firmly rooted them in the part of my brain called “nostalgia”. The 1st time I heard them was early on in my exploration of Daytrotter. Not only did I really enjoy the band, but I loved the recordings (which are exclusively done for Daytrotter and only available to site subscribers).

The second time was at my first Tour de Fat, which is hosted by Colorado brewer New Belgium. It has a vintage circus feel for those who have never been. And bikes! People ride their bikes from all over town to attend this roving Beer/Music/Art tour. I saw Paper Bird perform under the tiniest tent at the festival and boy was it cozy. All those people and all that sound packed into that little tent. I strangely seem to recall my mom being there with me. Why is it strange? Well, mainly because mom and I don’t do much gallivanting together.

The last time I saw them was at my first Secret Show experience. It was underneath a bridge and oddly peaceful and quiet considering that you could feel the cars going by every once in awhile. Thankfully, the town did not have many angry drivers and honking didn’t disturb the show.

Not surprisingly, each experience I’ve had with them has only enriched my appreciation for this Denver band. When I close my eyes and listen to them, I think of running barefoot. I think of riding across the country in an open train car. I think of a great expanse of unbroken and untouched nature. So I smile a lot when I listen to them, which is always nice.

If you want more get, more at the official Paper Bird website. ALSO – if you enjoy Paper Bird, you should put your money where your heart is and help them fund their 4th album via their kickstarter page!

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Off the box,
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