Bernhoft: Purely Functional

If you gave me a guitar, a looping device and a mic, I’d probably ask you “And you want me to do WHAT with these?” However, if I were in Oslo, I’d prefer to hand these tools over to Jarle Bernhoft and say “Why don’t you do what you do and kill the hell out of a set.” I’d say that because this guy can seriously do that.

He definitely looks the part; nice shoes, pressed shirt and pants, big glasses, five o’clock shadow and one of the more fashionable mohawks I’ve ever seen. When asked about his appearance in an interview, he called it “purely functional.” His rationale wasn’t all that bad but I still think there might be a scosche of personal image in there.

He’s a one man soul & funk machine and he pulls it off without a hitch. Since most of you (me included) won’t be in Oslo anytime soon, you’ll be able to catch him when he comes on down to Texas for SXSW 2013.

Find out more at the Bernhoft Official Website. The last video is a full length show of his at Bauhaus.

Off the box,
Mike EP