Moses Hightower: Yamma, yamma, yamma, yamma, yahhhhma

Motown is the quintessential soul. And it’s be a cold day in hell before you hear me rolling over on the claim that Detroit is the birthplace of that musical genre. Yeah I know that technically Chicago was the first big soul place on the map, but my love of Berry Gordy Jr.’s label overrides that chronological oversight. Plus Detroit really is more accurately the birthplace of the Motown Sound than…well, nevermind these matters.

That said, I’m surprised and floored to find how wide-spread soul has become. What probably most surprised me was that I found an Icelandic band who lays down some oh so sweet soul music and, while bobbing my head and digging their jams, I’ve no freakin clue what they’re singing about. That’s right – they record and perform their music in their native tongue. As a lyrics lover, this is a new sensation for me. But good music is good music. So sit back and dig some Icelandic man.

Get more about them at the Official Moses Hightower Website.

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p.s. I don’t know about you, but I really am wondering what led them to name their band after one of the Police Academy characters.