marcus foster: stephanie meyer and the twilights have a silver lining

Stupid Bella. While only having had the most passing of experiences with Stephanie Meyer and her dastardly Twilight series, I’ve determined that much about the pasty protagonist. The other small things I discovered also annoyed me (such as team jacob or team edward). I didn’t think anything good could be associated with all things Twilight.

Through completely unrelated channels, I heard of Marcus Foster and really dug him. This British singer-songwriter sounded like Ray Lamontagne at times and reminded me of Bon Iver. While lyrically grim, he has a great voice and his music is full of swells and crashes. It is really fantastic stuff. I was sold. Then, when watching the video for ‘I was broken’, I saw the actress from the aforementioned film and asked aloud “what the hell is Bella doing in this video?” To my annoyance, I learned that he was featured in the Twilight soundtrack. BLAST! Oh well though, it’s probably because of his exposure there that I even heard of him and now you have (so, it’s mostly a win in my book).

For those who loved the ‘Once’ soundtrack, I’d strongly recommend.

Get more about this chap at the Official Marcus Foster Website.

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