ZZ Ward: she ain’t stole nothing (but sure is moving it like she did)

Preface – I swear I’m going somewhere with this thread, so bear with me and I’ll get there. I’ve always been an outspoken fan of Disney musicals (Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book). The one I’ve been most outspoken about has probably been The Little Mermaid. One summer, I begrudgingly agreed to pick up my friend from baseball practice each week (as he didn’t have a car). Practice took place in a downtrodden neighborhood and the kids my friend played with were a bit rough around the edges. Being a trickster, I decided to marry this chore with a prank. Every week, I was waiting in the parking lot at least a few minutes early and every week, I was blasting The Little Mermaid soundtrack on my car’s cassette player. He caught SUCH shit for my joke. After a few weeks, he finally tossed the tape out the window while we flew down the highway. While it was a good laugh, I didn’t escape this prank unscathed. I grew to love the hell out of that soundtrack and movie. It got into my bloodstream.

You know the scene where the Ursula steal’s Ariel’s voice? THAT’s what I think of when I look at ZZ Ward and hear her voice. Where the hell did she get that thing? It’s a phenomenal instrument though, what with its bluesy grit and sultry soul. She’s a helluva songwriter to boot. Yes there are songs of heartbreak and how things just ain’t gonna work out (Last Love Song) but there’s also the upbeat pleading “Put The Gun Down” in which ZZ is begging a home wrecker to take all she wants but her man.

This lady is on the rise and expect that you good folks will be hearing her in more commonplace mediums than my little corner of the internet. Find out more about her at the Official ZZ Ward Website.