Space Capone: One Hip Honky Cat

Shorter skirts. Negligent parents. Situations where booze, hot tubs and girls were all in close proximity (and mixing together merrily).

As a male in the throes of adolescence, you prayed for these and many other things. One of the big ones was for your voice to drop. Eventually, it happened…for most of us. There were the poor few who were cursed to have uncommonly high voices. At least I thought it was a curse, until I started hearing guys like Space Capone.

Granted, it’s not like he goes around sounding like Mike Tyson though. Space Capone doesn’t have a perma-falsetto but he can sure hit some high notes. It mighta earned him a hard time in his earlier years, but Space Capone’s voice fits funk/soul music superbly.

Looking to add some tunes to your slow dancing and/or baby-making music? This should do nicely.

Want more? Get more at the Official Space Capone Website.

Off the box,
mike EP