the future: not the one that sucks

Seen Office Space? God, I love that movie. It does an incredible job of portraying the pathetic existence that is cube work.

During the opening scene, Michael Bolton (the actor, not the one who sucks) is bumping some hard rap in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Only hard as nails in his head, Bolton fearfully locks his car door and turns down the music when a black guy walks by.

It’s laughable and so is the Futures video for their track Don’t You Dare. The band goes through an adventure after declining to take desk jobs that’s…well, pretty mild mannered. The song though is anything but that.

A bit Steven Tyler, a little bit Kings of Leon, these guys have all the makings of a blockbuster band. Thing is, they’re not very well known at present.

Take advantage and get in while the getting is good (and cheap!).

Free downloads available at The Futures Bandcamp Page. Find out more about the band at The Futures Reverbnation Site.

Off the box,
mike EP