bill callahan: telling stories without knowing the end

The Kardashians. Paris Hilton. Kato Kaelin. These are all excellent examples of questionably famous people. By that I mean, people who are famous for shit reasons.

Bill Callahan is an artist who SHOULD be famous but is relatively unknown. While his guitar work is not especially complex, he plays so expressively. And his lyrics? Genius I say! They are full of wit and seem a bit like prisms to me; looking at them different ways gives you different images.

Commentary on videos.
America – I’m not crazy about the song, but the video is great. highly entertaining.
Riding for the Feeling – While I’m sure it’d be thrilling to be on such an everlasting long jump, after some time, I’d probably start worrying that I might never get back to the ground. What then?

Hope you enjoy and, if you want more, go the Bill Callahan Official Website.

Off the box,
mike EP